Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Long Nanny & Low Newton, 26th Oct 2010

A quick dash up to the Nanny this afternoon, the twite flock here has built up to 74 birds now, and a lapland bunting flew south calling, but as usual, refused to stop....

I noticed a bit of migration once the rain had cleared this afternoon, a few groups of linnets, chaffinches and meadow pipits moving south, and a woodcock came barrelling in off the sea right over my head.

Before leaving I decided to drop down to Low Newton to check the water levels in the scrapes..... I have raised the water here over the last week to try and get some more winter flooding for wildfowl and roosting waders. This also serves to suppress marginal grass growth and flood out any colonising vegetation on the bare muddy bits, so, when we start to slowly drop the water again next spring there should still be plenty of mud to expose for that broad-billed sand !

I had a scan of the field, looking for pipits..... and by 'pipits' what I mean is water pipits ! Still haven't seen one here, but I'm hoping this field might pull one in some day...... Today 2 rock pipits and 3 meadow pipits were hanging around, giving me a bit of hope......

On the scrape today a nice gathering of waders that I suspect had been booted off the beach by all the disturbance. I guess it's good that there is a bit of a refuge here now for situations like that.

On the scrapes today......

57 redshank
2 turnstone
1 dunlin
3 lapwings
2 curlew
32 oystercatchers
and in amongst the redshank the unexpected star of the show..... a juvenile pec sand !

Pec sand

This is the 3rd (or maybe 4th) pec sand on the scrapes this autumn, I'm certainly not complaining, but I'd kill for a different yank wader !

Anyway..... raising the outflow pipe by a couple of collars seems to have done the trick, a much larger body of water sitting here now.....

Click the pic for a closer look.....


alan tilmouth said...

Grand job on the scrapes, (you and the farmer)you should be getting a council tax reduction given the extra car parking revenue you're likely to generate in coming years.

Newton Stringer said...

Thanks Alan, reduction in tax....I wish ! I'm pleased with how things have worked out here this autumn tho.