Saturday, 23 October 2010


This bunch of losers make me realise I am not all that bad after all....
If ever there was a reason to give up birding, these CLOWNS are it !!

Of course if you are grumpy old bastard like me, you'll know that modern birding isn't proper birding anymore..... it's all listing and technology nowadays isn't it........ I used hear about rare birds a week later, then hitch hike to sites, and sleep in bus shelters !

Is it normal to spend obscene amounts of money racing around the country just so you can get one more number on your UK600 list than the next listing clown ?.............In this grumpy birders opinion you may as well collect feckin stamps !

The worse thing is all my friends seem to think I am like this too, and it's because clowns like this paint a picture in the media that birders are just social outcasts in competition with each other to get one more tick on their lists....... These are not birders, they're listers........

How many of these pager wielding idiots actually bird a local patch, or even know how to identify what they are looking at ?........... I think we need a cull !!

Kill all clowns !!


John Hague said...

I doubt Barry Gagnell could ID a bird (any bird but the bigger the better) if you fucking hit him with one! What a cock!

As for Brett he's so desperate to add to his list we get all sorts of Shearwaters claimed in the Flamborough Triangle. I'm not saying though that Brett isn't a decent sea-watcher but come on.

As for the third guy, I have no idea where he's come from but then again I would fail to name most twitchers these days... the BOU should lump those three into one species - The Wanker!

I've also linked to my blog with a similar thread

The Liverbirder said...

The world and particularly the media is absessed with extremes. The Guinness Book of World Records is one internationally-renowned repository of human madness, and over the years, what was the fastest, tallest, smallest etc. has got more and more bizarre. This is just another example, although it does not shed a particularly positive light on birding overall. It'll be an interesting watch, the programme will, although I guess not in the Stringer household. If you are going to, I'd put The Samaritans on alert and lock away your painkillers!

Newton Stringer said...

Oh dear..... My mates always told me to never drink and type.... and that post was the result !

I would like to point out in a now sober state that I do not know any of the clowns featured in the article, but I was trying to make a point about this modern obsession of twitching and getting one more that the next idiot. Anyone can have a big list, but it certainly doesn't mean they are competent or even respected birders...... but does that really matter if all you’re interested in is listing birds ?

I can’t help feeling that in the good old days knowledge and respect was hard earned by floggin a local patch as well as taking in the odd twitch. Twitching was so exciting back then, for me it was about seeing a new species and learning. These days I can’t help feeling birding is just turning into a big competition. Every day is a twitch for some of those pager clad idiots who are willing to pay £1200 in a week to travel from one end of the country to the other !

The scene seems to increasingly filling with more and more people taking up birding that are immediately on a mission to twitch rarities. I suspect many newer birders are bypassing the joy and learning of local patches and common birds. The result is often shocking too, clueless listers think that everything they see and don’t immediately recognise as a blue tit, must be something rare, and then the stringing begins !

Maybe this annoys me so much because I am still a filthy twitcher myself, I often cave in and go to see certain rare birds around the country, I just enjoy seeing new birds, I am certainly not on the same wavelength as these list obsessed idiots tho, I don’t think I’m even on the same planet !!, I find people like this an embarrassment tbh !

The stringers telly will be on to watch that programme. Although I’ll probably find the antics unbearably embarrassing, I am ashamed to report that I may actually be on it. Just clarify tho before the hypocrite accusations fly, I went on just 1 twitch (sandhill crane) where they happened to be filming, I didn’t follow this by flying to Ireland for a house crow, or driving like a loon to Cornwall for a cage dodging finch, and I didn’t twitch anything else for that matter, nope I just went for the crane because I fancied it.

OK, maybe I am a hypocrite !!

John Malloy said...

Extremely amusing.

"This has been a significant year because I reached the 500 mark. I even had a T-shirt specially made to celebrate the fact".


Stewart said...

Each to their own I say.

I like to hear twitching tales from people with the cash, time and stamina to get stuck in. As for me, I am too tight to hammer the car for 10 hours, let alone pay for the fuel.

My personal minor irritation are the locals who will 'go for' every Black Redstart, Pec Sand, Waxwing that makes an appearance. Every year. Look at todays visit to look for the Alnmouth Shorelark for instance. The only reason I was there was because it was 7 miles away and showing well. Had this bird been on Newbiggin Golf Course I wouldnt have bothered. How the hell you can get motivated to 'go for' the Black Red at Cambois, then the Pec at Druridge and off the Whittle Dean for the Black Tern beats me...

How often now do you hear the phrase 'Have you been for the...' ( Hooded Crow, Yellow Brow, Little Stint etc etc).. NO I HAVENT, I'VE BEEN TOO BUSY STRINGING DUSKY WARBLERS!!!

Holywell Birder said...

'But if people are struggling to get a decent viewing position there is often pushing and bad behaviour. I’ve even heard about fights'

Brilliant, sounds like an enjoyable afternoon, think I'll stick to the patch :)

Newton Stringer said...

John - 500 according to LGRE no doubt, which means about 350 to us normal BOU abiding people !

Well said Stewart, I hate people who turn up at a site and start all that "have you been for...." bollox.

"No I haven't been for the..... because I've been too busy floggin the patch trying to find my own birds..... although I don't know why I bother, because whenever I am lucky enough to find anything decent, the place just fills up with clueless clowns like you saying "have you been for the...."

I overheard a conversation between 2 birders at Newton the other week......

“I did the bluetail and dusky this morning”

“Oh did you only get them today, I saw them yesterday and I saw the shorelark too, I had to go back for that tho, it turned up after I’d left”

“I heard there was yellow browed warbler around here somewhere, so I thought I’d pop in for a look, waste of time tho, it's not showing. I was on my way to Holy Island for the great grey shrike!”

“Yes I’m going to holy island too, lot’s of birds reported from the east coast today, I’m hoping some more birds will be found by the time I get there”



Newton Stringer said...

Ooooooops...... never drink and type !

Newton Stringer said...

HB - I saw a punch up once at the pine grosbeak twitch at spurn.....

I think they'd both dipped, and then they fell out about the car parking arrangements.......

Hilarious antics !!

Fleetwood Birder said...

Well said G. I share your sentiments totally. You know how wound up I get about it all, hence now being a fully paid up member of GOB.

I must admit I too really hate that "have you been for" shite that these people spout.

There's a Red-breasted Goose with the 'Pinkies' over here at the moment and some of the local clowns are dashing to see it to 'bag' it for the local 'Yearlist Challenge'. I just want to shout to them all and say it's plastic for fecks sake, get a life!



Mark Newsome said...

As well as the "Have you been for the..." sheep, there are also the "Is the .... still here?" crowd. The species name is normally something that you'd see regularly if you did any birding and not just chasing other peoples birds. eg People arriving at Whitburn asking 'Is the Pruple Sandpiper still here? - er yes, a flock of them are here for 7-8 months of the year. "Is the Peregrine still here? Need it for a year tick" - if you spent a couple hours birding instead of talking non-stop, you may very well see one or two as they're here all the time!
Also there are the parrots. The first thing you here is "Did you hear about the Bluetail at St Mary's?" or "There have been quite a few Bluetails this autumn. There was one on Fair Isle, then another turned up in Suffolk. A couple of days after, there was another on Shetland...". I'm sick of reading about the same birds on every website you look at and again in every bird magazine you pick up - I don't need a verbal rundown of every single scarce and rare bird in the north-east this autumn. Maybe the 'parrot birders' only come out with such endless repeated drivel because there's nothing else available in their heads.

Thanks for the blog Gary. It's quite like a therapy session for me!